House Painting

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Our work process

Our house painting company take pride in delivering high-quality painting services to our clients. We understand that a your house painting project can be a significant investment, which is why we follow a detailed work process to ensure that every project we undertake meets our high standards.


Before we start any project, our team will meet with you to discuss your requirements and expectations. We will ask about your color preferences, any specific areas that need to be painted, and any concerns you may have. Our team will also provide a detailed quote, outlining the cost and timeline for the project.


Once we have agreed on the details of the project, our skilled team will start preparing the work area. This involves covering floors and furniture with protective sheets, removing switch plates and outlet covers, and preparing the surface to be painted. The team will take care to ensure that the work area is clean and free from debris.


Before we start painting and if primer is needed, our painters will apply a primer to the surface. This helps to create a smooth, even surface for the paint to adhere to and can also help to cover up any stains or discoloration. 


With the surface primed, next up is applying the paint. Tint only uses high-quality paint and brushes or rollers to ensure a smooth, even finish. We always apply at least two coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next.

Clean up

Once the painting is complete, our team will clean up the work area, removing any protective sheets and ensuring that the area is clean and tidy. Tint will also dispose of any leftover paint or debris.


Finally, our project manager will conduct a thorough inspection of the work to ensure that the finish is smooth and even, and that all areas have been covered properly. If any touch-ups or corrections are needed, we will take care of them promptly.

At Tint Custom Painting LLC, we are committed to delivering exceptional painting services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help with your painting project.


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